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Lama Karma Chötso will be teaching Buddha Dharma and Meditation every other Wednesday at Upstairs Yoga. The next teaching date is December 9th at 7:15pm.

3119 Ponce de Leon,
Second Floor

A minimum Donation of $10.00 per person is suggested. All donations support Kagyu Shedrup Chöling. To register, call: 786-493-9458.


BUDDHIST BATHROOMS: Repairing a Place of Mindfulness

One of Miami’s first Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Centers – with the only Stupa Garden in the State of Florida – needs your help. The main building has recently suffered severe damage to the plumbing pipes which all must be replaced. These repairs necessitate renovating three bathrooms. In addition, the insurance company has refused our claim and will not pay any portion of the monies needed to complete the repairs. You can help! 


Kagyu Shedrup Chöling (KSC) is a Buddhist non-profit meditation and teaching center. Any donations made to our cause are tax deductible and since 2015 is ending soon, the opportunity to receive tax deductions for this year is coming to a close.

KSC’s beautiful meditation space and garden with four Tibetan stupas are open to the public seven days a week. We provide free classes to visitors from throughout the greater Miami area. Please help us continue our work spreading peace and mindfulness throughout South Florida. Thank You.


Gathering in Celebration

Join the Sangha on February 13, 2016 for our annual Spirit Miami event!

Shortly after the Tibetan New Year (Losar), KSC will celebrate the completion of these projects with an open house. This year we will gather in the Stupa Garden of Merit. All who practiced generosity by sponsoring or donating to the Center will receive presents and blessings from Lama Karma Chötso on that auspicious day. We thank all the sponsors in advance for your generous contributions.



KSC Current Weekly Schedule

Tuesday Evening 7.30pm            Foundations of Tibetan Buddhist Study and Meditation

Thursday Evening 7:30pm         Spanish Buddhist Study – Starting Dec 3

Friday Evening 7.30pm                Chenrezig Practice

Sunday Morning 9.00am            Tara, Medicine Buddha, Fire Puja and Butterlamps

Sunday Afternoon 2:00pm         Wei Lin Teaches Yoga

lnr by riverLama Norlha Rinpoche will be at KSC this Spring

We are thrilled that Lama Norlha Rinpoche will once again visit Kagyu Shedrup Chöling.  His schedule will be announced in the near future.


Merit Gathering Days

We will be working  in the Garden of Merit often on Saturdays. Come join us!  Check the calendar for details.

As the symbol of the Buddha’s enlightened mind, the stupa is a field of enormous merit which benefits all beings by preventing disease and obstacles, and by promoting harmony and prosperity. Making any connection with the stupa is a particular blessing for those who are sick, dying, or experiencing obstacles. The virtue accumulated by contributing even a small amount to this project is inconceivable – like a drop of water becoming inseparable from a great ocean of merit.  

     —  Lama Norlha Rinpoche



Beginners’ Meditation and Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism Class

Every TUESDAY at 7:30 pm KSC offers teachings on Shinay meditation and the Buddhadharma for beginners and those interested in deepening their practice and Dharma studies.   A suggested donation of $20.00 is appreciated, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. We have many volunteer opportunities and welcome your help in exchange for the teachings. Use the VOLUNTEER menu to sign up.


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Stupas at KSC’s Lama Residence

December 2012, Phakyab Rinpoche consecrated the four stupas built at the KSC Lama Residence. Rinpoche was aided by Lama Karma Chötso, Lama Karma (MODC, TN) and Lama Lekshe Dorje (KTC, NY). Rinpoche took over the blessing of the stupas and the 25,000 sa tsa placed inside at the last minute, spending over a week in South Florida working long hours chanting and also bestowing empowerments to the Sangha.  You are invited to check out the CONSECRATION page; donate to the project on the DONATE page; or VOLUNTEER your services in this very special garden.

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Kagyu Shedrup Chöling

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