KSC is always trying to benefit beings all around…  we have the opportunity to place animals – of all kinds – for adoption.  We try our best to take care of them at the Dharma Center temporarily and we encourage anyone to build enormous merit and ADOPT THEM !!!!  Contact KSC for more information.  Here’s our newest beings needing a loving home. Just click on a picture to see them better.



If you know anyone who is looking for a REALLY sweet puppy (who is now housetrained), please let us know.   I’m becoming painfully attached, but really want to see her go to a good home.  Our Sangha member fostering her currently has 3 dogs & 1 cat in a 1 bedroom apartment &  knows Jojo really needs a nice yard & more personal attention.


She is really really sweet and would be completely happy just laying on your lap.  She sits in the yard and stares off at the trees and sky for long periods of time.  I’ll go shower and when I’m done she’s still lying in the same place staring at the leaves.  She is great with kids and other dogs, not a barker, but is scared of thunder.  She’ll pace and whine, nothing a bone stuffed with peanut butter can’t address.  House trained, sits on command and doesn’t pull on the leash. Overall a really great dog.  About four years old.  She’s in foster care now and she needs a loving home.


He comes from a buddhist home. They rescued him and fostered him since.

Hialeah Kittens

These come as a pair.  Cute!!

Great News !

Tashi has become Tashi Bear at our sister Kagyu Center  in Tennessee.  Jeff Davies lost his best friend Bear a month before Tashi was born and the connection with Tashi Bear occurred immediately at our last meditation intensive.  Jeff has written a heart-warming story about what’s happened – and you can read it here. We wish them both all the best!