Friday Evening Practice


During this summer Lama and KSC senior students lead only the Practice of Chenrezig and White Mahakala Fridays at 7:30 PM.  Usually every Friday at 7:30 PM Lama Karma Chötso leads the chanting of Chenrezig, White Mahakala, Six-Arm Mahakala, followed by the practice of Chöd. The prerequisite these practices is that you received the empowerments.  If so, these sessions are imperative as follow-up to the empowerments.

Fridays at 7:30PM at KSC’s Lama Residence shrine room.  $20 donation suggested.


The sacred practice of Chenrezig was favored by Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche as most beneficial to Western students. Yidam practice in general is one of the most powerful Vayrayana methods for achieving enlightenment.

The practice of Chenrezig is required daily of all Dharma Path students and is highly recommended as an essential practice for all dharma students that have received the empowerment.  Chenrezig’s mantra is OM MANI PEME HUNG.  The mantra recitation is suggested for all to do.  The full practice sadhana is available at KSC and the following link will let you listen to Lama Karma Chötso chanting the full practice.

Listen to Lama Karma Chötso Chant the Saddhana

Chenrezi LKC

white mahakala thankaWhite Mahakala

The Yidam practice of the protector White Mahakala promotes health and financial well-being. It requires having received the empowerment from Lama Norlha Rinpoche.


Six-Arm Mahakala

Chadrupa is one of the main protector practices of the Kagyu lineage.

He is an emanation of Chenrezig and powerfully promotes the well-being of the sangha members and removes any obstacles to Dharma practice.  The empowerment of Six-Arm Mahakala is required for this practice.

chod refuge tree copy


Machig Labron’s extraordinary practice is one of the quickest methods for training the mind to realize emptiness and the illusory quality of the self. Here is HH the 17th Karmapa teaching Chöd: