Peru Stupa Project


We are building the first Stupa of Reconciliation in Lamas, Peru, to teach meditation techniques to bring peace and happiness to children and adults in the jungle of Peru. This is a fully sustainable project thay will use solar power and capture fresh water from the air. It will include a retreat center for educational seminars and neutral ground for conflict resolution.

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LKC Consacration of Peru stupa Land

The Rime Jangchub Chöten Stupa Construction Project Has Started in Peru!

Lama Karma Chötso is seen here offering a serchem during the consecration of the land donated by one of KSC’s sangha members.  The land is in la selva (Peruvian jungle) of the San Martin Region. It is very near a town by the name of Lamas. The StuPeru Alliance is the non-sectarian group of Buddhist practitioners in Peru who will be building this traditional Tibetan Stupa in the style of the Stupa of Reconciliation. Although KTC’s affiliated center Sangha in Lima is in charge of the actual construction, KSC will add their continuing support through sharing our experience of building our own stupas in South Florida. KSC will also contribute to the 100,000 zungs (printed and rolled mantras) required to complete this auspicious project.


Here’s the link to the StuPeru Project website.  Take a look!






A Teaching on the Significance of Stupas 

    by The Very Venerable Lama Norlha Rinpoche

As the symbol of the Buddha’s enlightened mind, the stupa is a field of enormous merit which benefits all beings by preventing disease and obstacles, and by promoting harmony and prosperity. Making any connection with the stupa is a particular blessing for those who are sick, dying, or experiencing obstacles. The virtue accumulated by contributing even a small amount to this project is inconceivable – like a drop of water becoming inseparable from a great ocean of merit.