Spirit Miami 2017

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Spirit Miami 2016

KSC’s celebration this year was not only financially successful, it was a truly extraordinary experience.  

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Spirit Miami 2015



Spirit Miami 2016 will be held at KSC’s Stupa Garden of Merit February 13th 1pm – 5pm.  This date also corresponds to a celebration of Losar.





The special annual event of Kagyu Shedrup Chöling is called SPIRIT MIAMI.  It consists of a group of KSC affiliates who will produce and coordinate these events. Proceeds from all SPIRIT MIAMI events will become support for KSC’s activities. These activities include traditional meditations and teachings in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism along with community outreach programs for education and wellness. www.SpiritMiami.org has been created as the go-to site for all information regarding these events with updates as they become available, event admission sales, links to KSC’s website and blogs, and photos, photos, photos. Note that no tickets will be issued. Go ahead and register on the site and don’t forget to bring your ID the afternoon of the event. We will have your name at the door.


Spirit Miami 2014 Turned Out Very Successfully !

It’s good that every year we have an American holiday that reminds us of the gratitude we owe to uncountable others. Spirit Miami’s 2014 celebration –  right after Thanksgiving – has many people to thank.

Spirit Miami 2014 was a magical night to remember. Simon Olano, joined by surprise special guests tenor Daldo Romano and Pianist Paul Schwartz, wowed the audience with opera classics. For their final act they were joined by KSC’s very own classical tenor, Robert Gastón.


Spirit Miami was thrilled to again have Antonio Bulla Lafosse from Fat King Bulla singing with the audience whistling along. Stephen AKA Pause and Effect once again excelled with Indie sounds that had everyone moving and also acted as our MC


The final performance was the practice of Chöd by the KSC Sangha led by Lama Kamra Chötso. It was an impressive performance especially since the Sangha only received the empowerment for Chöd from Lama Norlha Rinpoche in March this year.



We also give thanks to everyone who worked so hard on Spirit Miami. Edward Rossel, who we like to call our resident artist, donated many of his own works to the auction. Plus, he was one of KSC’s main organizer/workers. Luciana Rodriguez made great food for our guests. Julio,  Martha and Daniel Holmes were our bar tenders providing much needed refreshments as the night went on.  Katie  and Nan were at the door and Gene helped by providing a huge truck to transport supplies for the event and Laurence Pena helped by donating the food.  Ysee Gaudel, our producer this year worked tirelessly to make this year a huge success.

2014 Spirit group

We also want to thanks our Sponsors William Bartlett, Robert Gastón, Roxanne and John Davis, The Helen Graham Foundation, Terri Sanchez, Toni Recio, Katie Vento and Arlene Cohen. We also  thank all those that contributed to the silent auction: Edward Rossel, Randi Davis, Victor Gregorio, Lama Karma Chötso, Holmes Bamboo, Ani Dechen, Juliet Sumen of Sumen Entertainment and Orestes Gonzales, Quan Yin Medical Center and Sailboards Miami. Last but not least, Gala of Kavachnina Gallery was our patron who gave us the venue for Spirit Miami 2014 and 2013.


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Stephen – Pause and Effect

Here’s a link to the DJ Tracks that Stephen (DJ Baby Bok Joy) put together for  Spirit Miami 2013.  It’s available for download with a donation that will go towards this year’s event.





Lama Karma Chötso Thanks The 2013 Spirit Miami Team

It’s good that every year we have an American holiday that reminds us of the gratitude we owe uncountable others. Last year KSC has many people to thank.

Spirit Miami 2013 was the biggest challenge yet for KSC with many obstacles to overcome both before and during the event. But if we proved anything that Saturday night, it was that all of us together with a common goal, the intention to benefit all sentient beings, and Lama Norlha Rinpoche behind us, can accomplish what we set out to do!

Miami was rain city the day before the event and spotty rain was to continue throughout the weekend. Since Spirit Miami was partially outside, that could have been a huge problem, but Rinpoche did special practices for us Friday and Saturday and by mid-afternoon we were good to go! So even though we lost our projector, blew out a microwave oven, and had late performances, Spirit Miami was a magical night to remember. Faro was brilliant and sang us into the evening with her classic songs and meaningful lyrics.

DJ Baby Bok Joy was pure unadulterated JOY throughout the night, especially when he performed his new piece, ‘Just Can’t Find It”, written for Spirit Miami. It was a huge success! This guy’s on his way to fame.

Spirit Miami was thrilled to have the dance band, Rhythm and Emotion, again this year. They played longer sets than expected as we got our other acts together and the sangha took the opportunity to dance!

Then, when Pangea and Friends began their fashion show, we were transported to Trinidad. There is no way to thank these amazing models enough for what they offered KSC that night. Their spectacular costumes and sexy dance moves were incredible, exciting and beautiful! They filled the outdoor space with color, feathers, movement and music. Thank you, Pangea!

And, late that night, with all of us dragging our heels a bit, Fat King Bulla brought us to our feet once again with their Latin rock and Bulla’s amazing voice. Martino Succetti on lead guitar mesmerized me as I watched him play. Martino is definitely one of the best guitarists ever and certainly the best in South Florida! JC Bermudo on bass player is another accomplished musician who played seamlessly w/Martino. And Angel “Kondor” Mercado on drums pulled it all together and made sure their set rocked all of 36th Street! Yes, our sounds were finally shut down by the police but not before Fat King Bulla played under the full moon!

KSC was very fortunate to have Cosmo as our Sound Engineer who worked tirelessly for many hours and seemed to enjoy himself, too. Thank you, Cosmo.

And thanks to everyone who worked so hard on Spirit Miami. Edward Rossel, who we would like to call our resident artist, gave KSC 4 pieces to auction and two were sold! Plus, he was one of KSC’s main organizer/workers. Luciana Rodriguez made great food for our guests and organized the wine bar along with Ysee Gaudel, who also decorated the venue beautifully with the help of Terry Sanchez. Ysee’s flower arrangements were works of art, too. Terry helped out everywhere and Lodo got the auction art on the walls. Diana made it a family affair with her son and granddaughter taking over the store and the serving. William Bartlett got us started with his Diamond Sponsorship. Tony Recio and the Board of Directors — Janet Waterfield, Katie Vento and Gene Rodriguez — worked tirelessly before, during and after and I can’t thank them enough for the years of support and just plain hard work they’ve given KSC no matter what the project.

Maria Baez and Robert Tiberti were Spirit Miami producers. Jason Pace and John Scarfe are working with me on our Youth Initiative, generously giving of their time and, at Spirit Miami, surprising us with generously giving the seed money KSC needed to get this new project started!

Last but not least, Gala of Kavachnina Gallery was our patron who gave us the venue for Spirit Miami along with her expertise in how to put together a good exhibit. Thank you so much, Gala!

If I have forgotten or misnamed anyone, the fault is mine entirely, so please just add yourself, email me, tell the Board or something.

Thanks again!