Stupa Garden Miami Tours

Miami’s  Extraordinary Stupa Garden of Merit is Almost Complete and Tours are Available to the Public

These are the southernmost Tibetan stupas in the U.S. As with all stupas, they were built to counter negativity and balance the elements, thereby benefiting the physical environment and all the beings sharing that environment. A basic design was shown by Buddha Shakyamuni when his disciples asked him how a reliquary should be constructed and what it should symbolize. The Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism has kept the basic design. These four stupas in Miami, Florida were built to face the four cardinal directions and symbolize various events in the life of the Buddha.  Come experience the peace of our garden.

Tours of this beautiful Garden are available during Merit Days at KSC.  A small DONATION is requested ($5) per person. Let us know in the form below if you would like to schedule a tour of KSC’s Stupa Garden of Merit.  Check the CALENDAR for scheduled Merit Days.


A Teaching on the Significance of Stupas

 by Lama Norlha Rinpoche

As the symbol of the Buddha’s enlightened mind, the stupa is a field of enormous merit which benefits all beings by preventing disease and obstacles, and by promoting harmony and prosperity. Making any connection with the stupa is a particular blessing for those who are sick, dying, or experiencing obstacles. The virtue accumulated by contributing even a small amount to this project is inconceivable – like a drop of water becoming inseparable from a great ocean of merit.

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