Stupa Donations Schedule

Donation Schedule for the Stupa Project

While the first four stupas are sealed and only outer elements need to be added and painted, Lama Norlha Rinpoche has given the KSC Sangha the task of making a total of 100,000 sa tsa, 25,000 of which are complete and in the stupas now. Four more stupas are planned for the future and they will hold the rest of the sa tsa.

Please use the following button to contribute to the Stupa Project. Use the donation schedule below to guide you.


SA TSAS  Each $10.  For 100,  $500

DECORATIONS  Donations for exterior decorations can be made in any amount and will cover the cost of making molds and casting lotus petals, doors, and other decorative elements.

NAME PLAQUES (In Memoriam, etc.)  $1,000 per plaque.
These plaques will be placed on steles that will stand in the Stupa Mandala. Names can be of living people or deceased loved ones.

MAJOR DONOR PLAQUES   $5,000 or more. 
The names of major donors, whether individuals or businesses, will be prominently displayed at the gate of the Garden of Merit.